The llama fiber of ALTAPUNA is unique due to the extraordinary fineness of its fiber, to a careful selection process in the region of the Puna at more than 3000 meters high and by being classified manually by original Andean communities.


The Llama is a domestic camelid native to South America. It’s an animal that feeds on grasses that are cut with its incisive teeth, instead of pulling them like other species and has a footpad instead of a hoof, which helps not to damage the pastures. These two characteristics prevent the desertification of the soils that it inhabits, and make the llama one of the fiber producing animals with greater sustainability property of its environment.


One of its great qualities lies in the thermal insulation as the fiber or hair has a tubular, medulled, structure with microscopic bags of air that manage to retain heat. This great insulating capacity makes it very comfortable at different temperatures. It is several times more insulating and warm than sheep´s wool.


The fiber is very fine, has very few flakes and is not curly. These unique characteristics make it very pleasant to the touch due to its finesse and softness.


The fiber has a very slow absorption of moisture with a quick drying. At the same time it is an excellent barrier against the wind, it is non-flammable and extinguishes quickly when exposed to fire without producing toxic smoke. The fibers processed by ALTAPUNA do not have chemical treatments, which allows a natural and lasting softness and, due to its hypoallergenic characteristics, it is very comfortable for sensitive skin, resistant to stains and with a tendency to not wrinkle because it is not elastic. It has a wide range of natural colors and for its resistance to wear you can enjoy your garment for a long time.