Altapuna – Andean Noble Fibers

For some time now in search of fibers to weave handmade ponchos in the Puna of Argentina we found original communities full of history and tradition in the ancient knowledge of weaving.


Among amazing landscapes they raise llamas, guanacos and vicuñas from which they extract great quality fine fibers. This destination inspired us to found a company that could bring those unique fibers to the world.


This is how ALTAPUNA was born, a company dedicated to produce yarns and fabrics with the highest finesse and quality from these noble fibers of the Andes, manually classified and processed in a context where our priority is the sustainability of the environment and the preservation of old and ancient techniques of its inhabitants.


From here, the most modern spinning and weaving techniques are applied to produce beautiful and lasting garments that respect the organic character of their origin.


At ALTAPUNA we link the magic world of textures, colors and ancient textile knowledge of the Puna with modern spinning and confection technology, in order to achieve a unique finish and exclusive design in our garments for the fashion world.


The first impression in the Puna of the Andes is of a solitary immensity, the majestic mountains very close to a limpid and blue sky. However, this fascinating landscape can surprise you in every turn of the way. It is one of the few places where you can still explore virgin areas and be in communion with nature.


In orther to use Llama fiber in the textile industry we have developed a joint work with the Andean communities that guard this beautiful camelid that lives even in the wild in the highlands of the Andes. After the shearing is carried out under ancestral techniques that do not harm the animal, the fiber is classified and the sow is separated to elaborate threads and garments of great beauty. To wear these clothes is sharing the Andean nature in its purest state.


ALTAPUNA is the place where man and nature come together, as the Andean cultures did. It is a pride for us to be able to maintain the heritage of people that live in harmony and respect for the environment.

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